Cell Phone Insurance Including Extended Warranty And Accidental Damage

The phone insurance calculator introduced by Ensquared as the first-ever in the US has begun to make waves in more ways than one in the cellular insurance environment. Consumers are questioning their phone insurance policies and particularly how they tie in with their service providers. They are getting to know that there are other cell insurance options out there on all kinds of issues like phone damage, lost phone, stolen phone and extended warranty. All kinds of new questions have arisen now that the phone insurance calculator is in use; most of them relating to really understanding terms in the phone insurance calculator and comparison tool, as well as general terms in the phone insurance arena. One of the most perplexing areas of cell phone insurance understanding is the difference between extended warranty issues, accidental damage and damage that doesnt classify under either of these two.

Phone insurance modules are straight forward and boil down to five items: Phone extended warranty, phone damage, phone lost, phone stolen and data lost. We are going to focus here on the two items creating the most cell phone insurance confusion

Extended Warranty

This relates to mobile phone insurance on electronic faults covered by manufacturer in the prescribed warranty period (normally 1 full year) but emerging after the warranty period. This includes built-in defects in handsets resulting in non-function of phone electronics that can be traced back to the manufacturer. If you think about it, this is a very difficult space to pin anything down in. Why? Because it excludes phone damage due to negligence and often the line between the two is very fine indeed. At any rate, extended warranty starts when the Manufacturer’s Warranty ends. To remove the fine line extended warranty should be taken out in combination with phone insurance covering accidental damage from handling or ADH as it is often referred to so that you dont get into debates on which side of the fence a broken phone falls

Accidental Damage from Handling (otherwise known as ADH)

This important phone insurance aspect relates in fact to phone damage and broken phone outside of extended warranty cell insurance resulting from drops, water damage, bangs and spills. Note that accidental is different from willful or abusive damage and different also from normal wear and tear and loss of data. Also some policies exclude phone water damage from weather (versus accidental spills). This section of phone insurance is not clean cut and defined and so terms and conditions of the cell insurance policy should be read carefully.